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This Time Is: Alicia Bailey exhibit

This Time Is…  a visit to Alicia Bailey’s artists’ book exhibit at Spark Gallery

I entered Spark North Gallery in Denver to see This Time Is…, an exhibit of artists’ books by
Alicia Bailey. I have known Alicia for many years through The Guild of Book Workers, and I
interviewed her last year for our Rocky Mountain Chapter Newsletter. It was Alicia’s influence that sparked my interest and fascination in artists’ books. She is a champion for book artists and has done much to educate people about this art form, through her Abecedarian Gallery, the teaching and talks she gives throughout the country. One thing I like very much about artists’ books is that they can be a very intimate expression of oneself, so very personal, or they can be whimsical and just plain fun – but they always tell a story. Like most art, they have the power to touch people, and be a seed in one’s transformation. I love interesting and interactive structures, and I found that I was most enamored with the nature them…

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