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POTOMAC CHAPTER: Workshop: Animated Structures with Thomas Parker Williams

Guild of Bookworkers Potomac Chapter Workshop Animated Structures  Taught by: Thomas Parker Williams June 16, 2018 Glen Echo Park
Thomas Parker Williams demonstrates one of his animated structures. 
The first workshop of the year for the GBW Potomac Chapter was a great success! Taking place at on June 16th at the historical Glen Echo Park.All the participants were amazed at the fun structures that were built using the expert guidance of Philadelphia native book artist and GBW Delaware Valley Chapter member, Thomas Parker Williams.
The participants were not only amazed by the magical structures of the volvelles, or radial hinges, sliding window elements and scrolls mounted in a box, but our leader's organization was also impressive. Traffic in Washington D.C can be quite wicked, but on this particular day it was also cruel, causing significant delays. Didn't hold us back though! Thanks to super planning on Thomas Parker Williams' part w…

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