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Beth Curren: From the Light of the Sun

From the Light of the Sun an exhibit at The Studio Gallery, Washington DC. MARCH 3 - MARCH 24th
For millennia, humankind has viewed eclipses with wonder. At the recent opening of her exhibit, “From the Light of the Sun,” at The Studio Gallery in Washington, DC, book artist and Guild of Book Workers member (and Potomac Chapter President), Elizabeth Curren told how she and her husband, Dwain, traveled to Glendo, Wyoming, and stood with thousands of others to marvel at the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. Beth returned with Dwain’s photographs from that pilgrimage and began to plan an accordion book. "Supermoon" (6'4"x6'4"): watercolor crayons, gouache paint, and wax crayons
on overbeaten flax paper. Beth poured paper pulp onto a theatrical scrim
laid down on the floor of her studio and allowed it to dry without pressing,
creating the texture that adds depth to the detailed map of the moon. When
asked what prompted the subject matter, Beth says some of her earli…

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